Page one rankings in no time,
Quickly optimize all your videos with the right title, description and tags,
Automatically create back links for your videos,
Hand held training included,
It’s all cloud based, nothing to install, works on any device (PC/MAC).

Here’s how Video Express 2 works:
Step 1: Enter a keyword and Video Express 2 will instantly give you the most relevant keywords to rank for,
Step 2: Video Express 2 gives you the right title, description and tags that will generate the most views and traffic for your videos immediately,
Step 3: Post your video and Video Express 2 will instantly generate dozens of backlinks that are gonna make your videos rank and stick,
Step 4: Watch the sales, leads and traffic coming from your videos with no effort.

Find the Most Trending Keywords,
Optimize all the video for you,
Find the best tags,
Automatically Create Back links,
Get Page One Rankings,
Hand Held Training Series.

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